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Pac-Man Themed Unboxing -- Target Stores LootCrate Style Box

We've got the fever but more cowbell is not the cure this time because it's Pac-Man Fever! It's hard to believe the yellow pizza-shaped mascot is 40 years old already--he looks so good for that age and still so spry in the mazes and gobbling up ghosts like a champ! The arcade mascot master has lent his rounded likeness to nearly every kind of object you can think of in some form or another, whether licensed or not and one thing is clear--Pac-Man is totally collectible!

What's Our Pac-Man History? Well both of us began our love affair of the dot munching sphere in the 80s thanks to the Atari 2600 and arcade machines. Pac-Man has a magic to his games that always draw us in for more, no matter the console or the redesigns, though making our way through mazes is always the best time. Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man were even the unofficial theme to our wedding!


This particular box was picked up from Target and is fueled by Numskull, a great geeky company with a penchant for coffee mugs, coaster,s and bottle openers--all the more functional items to be found in a well rounded game room. We're here to give you a closer upper look at the contents so you can gauge the value and quality and judge for yourself if your Pac-fandom is strong enough to pick this up for your own collection.

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