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Play It Forward Box...Reboot? -- Mailin' Mail of the AWESOME Kind!

Once upon a time we had a dream. Inspired by the UK crowd we began a stateside Play It Forward Box. The idea was for this community gift box to make the rounds among fellow content creators, give them the option to keep whatever they wanted from the box, replacing it with more goodies, and sending it on to the next person.

We also wanted to see videos of this so we could track the journey of the Play It Forward Box as well as see a community coming together. Sadly that fizzled out as people didn't quite understand the concept and purpose of the box.

However, a group of amazing people also took note of this and in kind sent US something as a way of saying thank you for our efforts, and possible, as a reboot.

What do you think Nerdlings? Should we give this one more try and reboot the Play It Forward Box in the hopes that this time it would carry on?

One last thing--to whomever may have it, the notebook from the original we sent out--please, please send that back to us. That notebook was all we ever wanted in return.

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