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PlayStation 2 buying Guide 2020

The PlayStation 2 turns 20 this year so what better time to start PS2 collecting than now!

PS2 Games

The PlayStation 2 was home to some of the best video game ever made. Video games like Metal Gear Solid 2 & 3, Gran Turismo 3 & 4, God Of War, Kingdom Hearts and some of the best sports video games ever made. Containing one of the largest video game libraries ever. And in this case quantity equals quality.

Best PlayStation 2 Games

You can hardly go amiss when you start collecting for the PS2. But whats more than that, in 2020 most of these amazing games can be picked up dirt cheap. You can start a decent PS2 retro game collection with less than $50.

PS2 Console

But it's not only the PS2 games that are cheap. The PlayStation 2 console can also be picked up dirt cheap. Along with a bunch of PS2 peripherals.

Join us while we go into detail about everything you need to know to start your PS" retro games collection.

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