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PlayStation 2 Classic Games

Last year Sony released the PlayStation Classic and we all know how that went. One of the big issues was the PlayStation Classic games lineup. However it's a new year, a new decade and the PlayStation 2 is 20 years old.

PS2 Classic

Despite Sony's faux par with the PlayStation Classic, we definitely think they should release a PlayStation 2 Classic. For a number of reasons.

First of all Sony need a comeback in the mini classic console world and the PlayStation 2 Mini or Classic would be perfect for this. Secondly it's the 20th Anniversary of the original PlayStation 2 release. What better time to release the PlayStation 2 Mini than now? Finally the PlayStation 5 comes out this year and what a year it would be if we got two consoles from Sony!

Best PlayStation 2 Games

To ensure the PS2 Classic is a success, Sony would need to start by ensuring they include some of the best PS2 games ever! The PS2 games library is one the biggest and best for any console ever. So Sony wouldn't have to try too hard to give us some classics.

On today's episode of Gaming Off the Grid, we discuss 5 PlayStation 2 games we would LOVE to see on the PlayStation 2 Mini! The PS 2 Mini might not be confirmed or announced but if and when they do these are games that HAVE to be on it!

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