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PlayStation 5 Games

The PS5 is imminent. The PS5 news is now coming through thick and fast. Whether it’s rumours of leaks. There is a lot we do know and a lot we don’t.

PS5 News

We know the PS5 release date is going to be sometime in 2020. PS5 leak info has shown us the Playstation 5 dev kit. Although I highly doubt that the when the Playstation 5 release occurs that the PS5 design will actually look like the PS5 dev kit! And we have even been given a glimpse of the Playstation 5 design of the PS5 controller. Thanks to another PS5 leak of the Playstation 5 controller!

However, what we don’t know is the exact Playstation 5 release date. Or what the PS5 price will be. Although there is a good chance the Playstation 5 price will be around the $499 mark.

PS5 Official Trailer

A lot of this info we won’t know for sure until we get an official Playstation 5 announcement from Sony. With a full Playstation 5 reveal and a Playstation 5 trailer. However as we wait for some solid PS5 gameplay footage we can speculate about what the Playstation 5 graphics will look like. PS5 graphics aside, I’m sure Playstation 5 gameplay will have a lot in store for us to support the PS5 vs xbox two battle.

As we wait for this information, one of the most fun things to do around this time, is to speculate about the Playstation 5 games line up. So kick off your shoes and relax your socks while we discuss some potential PS5 games.

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