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Pokemon Sword & Shield Review

Pokemon Sword and Shield released just last week to a sea fan criticism. However I was determined to go into the new Pokemon game with an open mind. After all Gamefreak have give us so many years of amazing memories with Pokemon, that’s the least we could do!

Pokemon Controversy

We won’t be covering any of the controversy around Gamefreak or whether they are lazy developers or not. It’s been covered like mad already and to be honest it’s just not that interesting. I’m just interested in the actual game.

Pokemon Switch

When we first heard that Pokemon was coming to the Nintendo Switch my mind started racing with all the ideas and possibilities that Gamefreak could bring to the franchise. To date all the main line Pokemon games have always been on handheld devices. This was purposeful because the idea of carrying your Pokemon aka pocket monsters on a portable device that could fit in your pocket, matched the theme of the game.

With portable devices being less powerful and smaller we accepted a lot of the features of Pokemon. Things like no voice acting, no free moving 3D camera, limited draw distances etc. Instead Pokemon made up for it with tons of charm and fun gameplay. However with the move to the home slash portable console. We could hope to expect the introduction of a lot of these missing features. Well yes and no.

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