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Polymega Out Now.....For Some Gamers

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

The Polymega release date is not far away. However a lucky few will get their hands on it now.

Polymega Release Date

Polymega release date is this February. However the team are running a Polymega BETA for the console. This is how some lucky customers are getting there hands on the it before the Polymega release date.

In today’s show, we discuss what this means for the console. Does it point to another delay or is this good for the future Polymega console owners?

What Is The Polymega?

Polymega is a modular games console designed to support retro gaming consoles such as Mega CD, 32X, SNES and a whole load more. Allowing you to play your retro games on some nice new fancy retro console hardware. Confused? Don't be. The Retro Gamer Boy show has all Polymega news you need.

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