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Rarest Game Collectors Editions

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Video game Collector Editions, we all want them. But they cost a ton and there are only a few of them.

They are so desirable in the world if retro game collecting. And even just in gaming in general. Firstly because they are so rare. Secondly because the come with some amazing video game related content.

If you have a favorite game. Then it can be nice to have a rare collectors edition of that game. Complete in box with art books, figures or maybe more. For example the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 Collectors Edition. Or the crazy Death Stranding Collectors Edition that comes with some crazy weird stuff!

Rarest Video Games

However collectors editions and premium editions are not the rarest video games you can find.

There's something even more rare. Video game editions that money can't buy.

In today’s show we will take a look at something that can be even rarer than a collector’s edition and not often up for sale.

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