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Retro Rivals Sent Us An AMAZING GIFT -- Painting Reveal!!

Community. It's amazing what power resides behind a positive and supportive community and that alone promotes all the MORE reason to continue and press on to BE positive and to BE supportive in kind.

This was an incredible gift from Scott & Jenn of Retro Rivals, an enduring couple with amazing content and immeasurable hearts for this community. After sending them a game, incomplete mind you, and one we didn't even need, THEY felt the need to reciprocate the favor and sent to us an absolutely stunning piece of original art painted by Jenn herself.

Join us, first, as we reveal to you this stellar piece of art, then share in the comments YOUR favorite moments or interactions with Scott & Jenn--and finally, please, go to their channel and show them the same love and support they give this community!

Visit Retro Rivals and tell them we sent you!

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