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RGT 85 Game Story... 

The best thing about having a YouTube gaming channel is getting the chance to work with some of your favourite content creators. Today I am proud to announce RGT 85 as the latest guest on the series Game Story.

Retro Gaming Tube 85

I started watching Shawn Long back when his channel was called Retro Gaming Tube 85. Full of in depth and interesting retro video game reviews and fun RGT 85 game room tours. I specifically remember the game room tour where his Shawns girlfriend kept on interrupting the tour, haha!

Retro Video Game Reviews

Over the years the RGT 85 channel has evolved from just a video game review channel. To a game review, gaming news and retro game channel. The one thing that has kept RGT 85 consistent over the years though is his down to earth nature and rough around the edges charm.

That is why RGT 85 makes the perfect guest for Game Story. Shawn Longs game story is every bit as raw and interesting as he is. Enjoy...

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