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Show Us Your Kits Ep. 2-- Cleaning Kits Collab w/ MightyQDawg Co-ople of Nerds & Nerdstillery

Cleaning kits that it! As collectors, whether it's of video games or action figures and various toys, we all strive to keep our collections in pristine condition. A simple cleaning is the best place to start and we all have our tried and true methods of keeping our retro nostalgic pieces in great condition. In Show Us Your Kits we share and ask members of the YouTube Community to share with us some of their cleaning kit pieces.

Break It Down

There's the standard--something more than likely we all have in our kits.

The Unique is an item that maybe not everybody is aware of.

And the identifier is a fun piece that ties into the channel, your own personal mark to your cleaning kit.

Who's Up?

In Episode 2 we have The Mighty QDawgs, the Co-Ople of Nerds, and Nerdstillery--all couple focused channels because let's face it, the couple that nerds together stays together!

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