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Sometimes Yard Sales Suck

Just a simple montage I made in doing some editing practice. But, it tackles an unavoidable truth. Plain and simple, sometimes yard sales, estate sales, swap meets, thrifts, flea markets--what have you--sometimes it sucks. We try to focus on the positive of the grind, but it's worth sharing too that we ALL have those moments of dry spells. We put together a little montage of a weekend hunt that scored us a cat fan, a kiwi coin purse, and a fidget toy--that's it!

BUT--take this as affirmation that we've all been there and trust me, not everyone is always having those amazing pickups, even if it seems like it. The grind is rough--but keep at it and share below--what are some of the lamest, perhaps desperate finds you've ever brought home from an otherwise unsuccessful hunt?

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