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Sony Pulse 3d VS SteelSeries Arctis 7X/7P - Mic Tests Included | Headset Comparison

The Sony Pulse 3d vs Arctis 7x / Arctis 7P is here. The Next gen hardware with the PS5 and Xbox Series X has arrived and you might want to see which headest is best. Have you been looking at the $100 Pulse 3d? Or maybe the $150 Steelseries Arctis 7P or Arctis 7X. The Arctis 7P and Arctis 7X are virtually identical except the 7P doesn’t work on the Xbox consoles. Today, I go over some key features of the Pulse 3d and the Arctis headest. Comfort, sound and a microphone test. How does the Mic sound on the Pulse 3D? I’ll show you a sample. How does the mic on The Arctis 7 sound? I’ve got you covered there as well. These are gonna be 2 of the top headsets on the market for quite some time and I want you to see which headset is best for your budget and your gaming life. So, what’s it gonna be? The Pulse 3d or the Arctis 7P / 7X?

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