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Support Local Conventions! Joplin, MO Collector's Expo--Floor Tour & Pickups

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Conventions of any size are always a lot of fun to check out. Local conventions such as the Joplin Collectors Expo is a great example of why you should check out your local cons and show them some support. It's a fantastic way to interact with fellow collectors!


At these local conventions you can always expect to find some amazing deals on retro toys, video games, collectibles, art prints, comics and more! Anything you collect, whether it's a new toy line, or awesome pieces of childhood nostalgia, chances are you'll find it at these conventions. Build that retro collection with memorabilia you're looking to add to your ever growing shrine of nostalgia! A convention such as this is a great place to find it and to satisfy that nostalgic collecting urge.


If collectibles and purchases aren't up your alley, don't forget that local conventions offer fantastic opportunities to join like minded individuals for some incredible cosplaying! Show off your cosplay chops and put your costuming skills to the test in fun competitions! Or just compare cosplaying tips with others in costume and sharpen your craft. You can even join local cosplay groups. And be ready to pose for some pictures because who doesn't love seeing fans in costume!

Once more, support your local conventions!

Joplin Collector's Expo:

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