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Terminator: Resistance Review - Spoiler Free - The Nerd Lair

Terminator is one of the most beloved sci fi franchises around. However in recent years the franchise has had a few misses. Terminator Genisys and Terminator Dark Fate are the most recent movies in the series. And arguably have lost a bit of the spirit of what made the original two Terminator movies so special.

Terminator Games

Along side the Terminator movies we have had a number of Terminator video games. These Terminator video games have also been hit and miss over the years. From the great Terminator 2: Judgment Day to the shoddy Terminator Salvation

Terminator Resistance Video Game

The latest video game in the Terminator series is Terminator Resistance. But is Terminator Resistance any good? Lets take a look in the Terminator Resistance game review.

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