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The Walking Dead Supply Drop Box -- 4th Quarter 2019

You feel it...the change; it's coming. Your time is short and your hunger grows. Your loved ones deafen you with the pulsating beat of their hearts and you feel starved. But you're not about to get them because they've come prepared with The Walking Dead Supply Drop Box! This quarterly subscription box comes packed full of goodies to get you through the blizzard, keep you well fed on the fanciest of dishware, and will keep them quieter than the Whisperers.


That's the truth! It took a while to get this box AND we actually ended up with the "wrong" box before. Lady Laci ordered too soon we guess and we got the previous crate. But this--THIS is the supply crate we've been waiting for!!

What's Inside? That's part of the fun! There's plenty of Walking Dead merchandise out there but it's fun to see what may be an exclusive item only obtainable via this box. Plus this month had some pieces that we certainly would not have expected!

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