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The Walking Dead Supply Drop -- Unboxing

The dead live! They walk among us; they rend flesh from bone; their appetite is insatiable and you...are alone. Rick Grimes is gone; Michonne is nowhere to be found. Good luck finding Daryl Dixon, Jesus, or even Eugene. Not even Negan is here to help... Lucky for you, however--you've just stumbled upon a Supply Drop! The Walking Dead will never know what hit them! TWD Supply Drop Box

AMC's long-running drama, the Walking Dead, has a divided but often dedicated fan base, and this box is packed to the brim with an assortment of goodies for those who have since given up on the series to those who have stuck with the show since season 1. Funko Pop figures, exclusive T-shirts and fun varied merch may just make YOU the Alpha fan that will have them all whispering.

Not Monthly But Quarterly

Best of all with The Walking Dead Supply Drop box is that this is a quarterly subscription loot crate. This means there is a greater focus on quality over quantity compared to getting a monthly box with the same old stuff. But will this Supply Drop box be enough to win over Lady Laci for one more box? Or will she leave it to the horde?

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