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Three Games to Let Go of Worth $25 Apiece | Response to Big Retro Show

We've been called out! Fantastic fellow YouTuber and lover of all the best nostalgic bits of the 80s and 90s Big Retro Show tagged us to pick 3 games from our video game collection to let go. The only stipulation is that these video games have to worth $25 or more. We scoured our game room, we dug deep into the game collection to see if we had anything modern gaming or retro that we would be willing to part with.


Okay, okay, to be fair, we had to cheat a bit because even the stuff we don't necessarily want anymore is still stuff we want to keep for collection reasons. There's only one exception as it's a sealed CIB duplicate that we might be open to trade. The rest of our gaming selections are more in line of looking at what we'd be willing to let go of and for what reason.

Who Did You Tag?

That's the best part! This Three Games to Let Go of Worth $25 Apiece challenge has already been making the rounds in the retro gaming community. Big Retro Show put us and two others in the hot seat but we're throwing out an open tag to anybody who wants to respond! We would love to see what you'd be willing to let go of...even if you're not actually ready to let go of it.

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