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Time to Octorok & Roll!

We can across a cool piece of Zelda memorabilia that we couldn't pass up! Check out the Octorok Popper toy!

Looking more akin to the traditional Octorok sprite design from the Legend of Zelda series. Rather than the more recent Breath Of The Wild Octorok BOTW style. This Octorok toy was so adorable we HAD to have him and let him terrorize Link and Zelda and maybe... Just maybe! Claim that Triforce for himself!

Zelda Toys

One of the unique things about Zelda toys is that, other than the odd Zelda figures of Link. Or Nintendo Zelda Amiibo. Zelda memorabilia is usually based on the iconography and logos of the games. Such as the Wingcrest or the Triforce. This is what makes this Zelda toy so unique!

Where can you find Octoroks like this? Well GameStop of course. But only if you're very lucky!

Join us for a Closer Upper look!

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