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TLC -- Tom & Laci Collecting -- Final Fantasy VII Edition

Midgar, rejoice! We're ready to storm Shinra Tower with Avalanche! GameStop in our area was closed so we could not pick up our preorder but we DID have them ship out our Deluxe Edition of Final Fantasy VII Remake. Before doing an unboxing, we wanted to share some of our Final Fantasy VII fandom with our Nerdlings!

Final Fantasy VII Collectibles

There's some added appreciation to playing the FF7 Remake on PS4 if you've played the original PS1 version, and we've got it! We also have a sequel, a prequel, a film, and oh come on--we're not going to reveal it all here! Come see! There's toys and music and something over the bar you just may enjoy, buster!

Deluxe Edition

Yeah, we're late to the party with this unboxing but it's still fun to get our reactions. We're suckers for big box editions of games because we always enjoy some music as well as the artbooks. We want to share with you a closer upper look at what's in the Final Fantasy VII Remake Deluxe Edition and would love to hear about your own FF7 fandom through the years!

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