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TLC -- Tom & Laci Collecting -- Hodge Podge!

Flea markets! Thrift stores! GameStop! Pawn shops! Do YOU remember before the dark times? Before the days of being shut in and sheltered at home? Do you recall the age of collecting, thrifting, and the thrill of the hunt for toys, video games and other collectibles? Let us take you back with some footage from early January 2020, before these dark days.

What's A "Hodge Podge?"

Defined, it's a confused mixture, and to be honest--that's this pickup in spades. We not only went to a wide variety of locales such as flea markets--some even closing down, but thrift shops, our local GameStop and even a pawn broker. What we came home with is just as varied. We're talking video games from the Nintendo Wii to the Sony PS3 and PS4 and even some handheld offerings for the Nintendo DS. Lady Laci found a plush NeoPet toy and of course some Goosebumps books as well as a bubble bath decanter? What!?

Is It Safe? Well, it WAS, back then. Again, this was before the spread of a certain virus. However, it should be noted that regardless of when you go thrifting or even to a retail shop, it is always good practice to both clean your purchases fully once they're home and then to wash up yourself. Stay safe, be healthy, and let's see if there's anything here that you may nerd out for!

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