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Toony Terrors Wave 1 -- Closer Upper -- NECA Horror Toy Line

Cartoons are great and classics like Scooby Doo show us the monsters are made up. But what if they weren't? What if these freaks, murderers, and psychopaths were in the same animated universe as everyone's favorite scaredy dog? This is the Neca Toony Terror toy line--wave 1 specifically. We're taking a look at this horror themed set of poseable action figures.

Toony Terrors Wave 1 Roll Call!

Best way to start a series is with some instant classics! We give you Jason Voorhees the Crystal Lake Killer himself from the Friday the 13th movie franchise. Next is the man of your dreams, or is he more of A Nightmare on Elm Street--Freddy Krueger. And finally, we'd advise you to avoid the fictional Stephen King town of Derry, Maine because all through the ages, some evil, some creature, something known simply as IT lurks. In wave 1 of Neca's toony terrors we got the classic Tim Curry Pennywise as well as Bill Skarsgård's iteration from the recent remakes.

Special Appearance By...

Not officially made by Neca, at least in this line, but as an honorable mention and cameo we also have a DIY entry with the 8-bit rendition of Jason Voorhees from the NES video game Fright the 13th! Fellow YouTuber Russ Lyman showed us how easy it was to makeover this monster and Lady Laci nailed it!

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