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Top 5 Light Gun Games

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Light gun games are a bit of a dying breed. There was once a time where arcade light gun games would see pretty decent ports onto home consoles

Light Gun Games

Dreamcast light gun games like the House Of The Dead series and Silent Scope were fantastic light gun arcade ports. PlayStation light gun games like Time Crisis were also a blast! Even up until the PlayStation 2 light gun era with games like the Resident Evil Survivor series.

Modern Light Gun Games

However in recent years and with the change from CRT TVs to flat screen technology. We are started to see the decline in light gun games. There were options on the PlayStation 3 with the GunCon 3. But not many. Are there even any PlayStation 4 light gun games? Instead Wii light gun games started to see a huge boost. But that's for a different episode.

Best Light Gun Games

With that in mind. Today The Button Bashers go over their top 5 light gun games of all time. This could of easily been a top 10 light gun games video but we managed to whittle it down to a top 5! What is your favourite light gun game? We love the arcade feel about light gun games. Bringing back the nostalgic feeling of playing them in the arcades as youngsters!

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