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TOP 5 Run And Gun Games

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Run and gun games are one of the classic game genres of retro gaming. Producing some of the best retro games ever.

Run And Gun Games

Run and gun games have been around for a while with Konami making some belters back in the days. With the likes of the Contra franchise. With the popularity of retro gaming and boost in indie game quality we are also seeing some new kids on the block.

Run and gun games are appearing on the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and even PS4. One of the most notable new run & gun game releases is Cuphead for the Switch, Xbox One and Steam.

Best Run And Gun Games

Today we go over some of the best run and gun games. More specifically our favourites as we go over our top 5 Run and Gun games of all time.

What d you think is the best run and gun game? Are there any run & gun games that we have missed? It was a tough list to choose!

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