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Top Ten Gaming Moments/Memories/Things -- Video Response -- Generation Pixel Tag

TAGGED! We were tagged by Generation Pixel to share our top 10 gaming memories. We've discussed many nostalgic moments from our retro gaming lives, whether via holidays, childhood, or just through our relationship together and our experiences with video games from the age of Atari through Nintendo and into the Microsoft and Sony age with modern systems. That meant to answer this tag, we had to dig deep into the collection and really see what we had to share from literal decades of gaming goodness.

Join us for a surprising walk down memory lane as we recollect NES frustration, Super Nintendo love and the 16 bit goodness that was the SNES. We even talk about an action RPG for the PS3 and our time playing LEGO on the Wii. The PS2 and Gamecube get a little love as does the Genesis, er should I say Mega Drive. Plus of course there are toys and plushies!! Final Fantasy? Assassin's Creed? Zelda? Wait--we only get 5 picks apiece right, how did we cram so much history into one video!?

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