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Unboxing A Gift From Die Hard Gamer Bros.!

This community, be it focused on all things nostalgic from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s or being retro gaming fueled, is incredible! No matter the interests, it's the community of amazing content creators who back one another up and Jeff from Die Hard Gamer Bros. is no different. A fun YouTube channel with a strong gaming focus but it also has the nicest guys you could ever be so lucky to interact with! Jeff saw something that he wanted to hook us up with and he was NOT taking no for an answer!

Is It Game Time? Actually, Jeff took an interest in another passion of ours--toys! We collect so many things but only video games and toys have their own rooms. Jeff of Die Hard Gamer Bros. also knows us to be quite the Marvel fans and he was able to combine our love of both into one awesome box!


Yeah, I'm not sure how to say it, much less spell it, but we'll give you that much of a hint. Nendoroid figures bring the cuteness overload of things like Dorbz and Funk Pops and mashes it with the articulation and posing ability of the best action figures. The only question now is WHAT Nendoroids did he send our way?

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