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UNBOXING From Sega Head!!

What!? Our Retro Refresh brother, Sega Head, sent us something! And the man is on the other side of the world--this is a big deal! What did he send though? That's where you come in--to watch the video and see!

Who's Sega Head? Are you kidding me? Who's Sega Head? If you've missed out on this hilarious, entertaining content creator who knows too much, almost WAY too much about Sega, then you're a fool... However, fortunately he is a part of the Retro Refresh family and he's actually taking a super small break from YouTube at the moment--which means you have time to catch up on his backlog of awesome videos!

So What'd He Send? You have to watch! But would you believe it's NOT Sega stuff? I mean of course not--he's keeping that for himself. But there are some goodies, some delicious treats we're less likely to find on our side of the pond!

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