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VGM -- Video Games Monthly -- April 2020 UNBOXING!

Can't leave the house? Gotta keep your sanity? Love yourself some retro gaming goodness? Video Games Monthly is for you! This service sends retro video games straight to your door! You don't have to send them back--you keep them! You play them! You love them!

Play the Past Into the Future!

How does it work, right? Simple enough, just sign up on the VGM website and Video Games Monthly guides you through the rest. Pick how many games you want from their variety of tiers. Select the consoles you want games from--are you old school with Atari and Intellivision? Maybe you love Nintendo and want something from the NES, SNES, Gamecube or even the Wii and WiiU? Or perhaps Sega has your number with the Genesis, Master System, or Dreamcast? Sony and Microsoft are there with some Playstation and Xbox love as well! Maybe do the handheld thing with GameBoy, Game boy Advance, Game Gear, DS, or PSP! It's your pick!

And That's It? Almost--make sure you fill out what games you already have in your collection and Video Games Monthly will go by that list to make sure they're not sending you duplicates! Update it each month and you're good to go!

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