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VGM - Video Games Monthly - January 2020 Unboxing

Once a month we are blessed with a brand new box filled with retro gaming goodness. The fine folks at VGM ensure that our package lives up to their name Video Games Monthly as we unbox and dive into a collection of game cartridges and discs! January did not disappoint either as this was an incredible start to the new year!

Seriously? Video Games...Monthly?

That is correct! VGM is a subscription service that truly sends you video games monthly--not to rent, not to trial, but to keep! And YOU get to dictate exactly which gaming consoles and retro handhelds you want or do not want games for. You also log into their website at to populate a list of all the retro games you already own and this helps to avoid adding duplicates to your collection. Just don't forget to update that list!

Tell Me More!

Kick it super old school with some Atari love for your 2600, or better still with the Intellivision. Get classic with Nintendo and their NES, SNES, or N64 offerings so that you can build up that Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 library! Or bring back the console wars with the Sega Genesis and Dreamcast! And handhelds aplenty with everything from Gameboy and Game Boy Color to the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS and even Sega Game Gear! But they're not done yet because you can even select Nintendo Wii or WiiU as well as Sony PS1, PS2, and PS3 for some Playstation fandom. And the Xbox crowd isn't left in the cold with the OG or 360 consoles.

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