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Video Game Remakes And Remasters

Video game remakes and video game remasters are hugely popular these days. Giving video game developers the opportunity to bring back new life into existing franchises, whilst also taking out a lot of the hard work of creating a new video game idea and concept art from scratch. But are all these video game remakes and remasters worth it. Or are they a waste of money.

Worst Video Game Remakes & Remasters

What makes the best video game remakes and best video game remasters. And what makes the worst video game remakes and worst video game remasters? Today we look at the Lion King and Aladdin remake and the Ghostbusters remaster. Are these great video remakes and remasters? Or are they a waste of money?

Best Video Game Remakes & Remasters

With the great remakes like Shadow Of Colossus and the Resident Evil 2 remake and the Resident Evil 3 remake coming up. What are the key aspects to ensure 2020 remakes and remasters are great?

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