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Vote For YOUR New Host

And now, the end is near... Our year of hosting YouTuber of the Month has been absolutely incredible. When we decided to jump into the running we never would have thought we would actually win. Once we did win, we were scared to death of being the downfall of a tradition. We're glad to say that we made it--and more because this year has introduced us to so many awesome channels and content creators. And in many cases, we have formed lasting friendships in this, an equally amazing and supportive community.

Technical Specifications

It began in 2011 and each month has a winner, as selected by the viewers. That winner picks out five nominees to be voted upon and the cycle repeats until the end of the year. At that point, all of the YouTuber of the Month winners are in the running to take over hosting duties for the next year and it's up to the viewers to once again cast their votes. The winners of YouTuber of the Month may opt out of this position if they so choose, but otherwise it is a great way to support the community.

The Rules

YouTuber of the Month is platform to help bring some additional exposure to those smaller channels, typically under the 3k subscriber mark. They need to be gaming related and have an on-screen presence as well. Voting ends at midnight at the end of each month and that's it. Whether it's for choosing the next YouTuber of the Month winner or the host for 2020, that's all it takes. Every vote matters and every view, share, click, and comment is one more bit of support!

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