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Wizarding FINAL Four -- End of an Era -- LootCrate Unboxing

The END of an era. Lady Laci's FINAL FOUR Wizarding World LootCrates. This is a (supposedly) bi-monthly subscription service that ships you not only Harry Potter themed but house specific (Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Griffyndor) boxes full of clothing and collectibles.

Due to a year-long gap in receiving boxes (but payments never missed a beat being taken out) Lady Laci sadly decided to suspend her service and upon doing so, within two weeks, every last remaining box suddenly arrived. Hmmmm... Join us as we open all four and see if any of them have the magic to win her back to Hogwarts or if these are best left for the muggles.

One last note.

Dear LootCrate, Though it's understood this is not a world that rewards loyalty, devotion, or dedication, but Lady Laci has been a member of many, MANY of your services throughout the years, even joining YOU, specifically, after just your first box released. She's supported you for so long and you underestimate how much of a Wizarding World fan she is; having been proposed to during the Universal Orlando Ollivander's show, working themes of Harry Potter into her wedding, and a collection to rival others. Which is why it was with such a sad heart she had to suspend her service, but felt to be taken advantage of after a year of YOU taking money and showing nothing in return. You broke her heart, a true, die-hard collector; a lady nerd trying to enjoy one of her greatest fandom passions, and you greedily took advantage of this. All she ever did was wholly support you and always shower you with praise, even when undeserved. It's a shame you and this world do not reward loyalty, because you have never known, and never will know it as strongly as hers.

Yours, Tom of Do You Nerd

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