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Wizarding World Crate Unboxing--November's Box in March--by LootCrate

What the Wizarding World!? Is this some sort of muggle trickery? Actually...maybe, just maybe. Until we know for certain, join us in unboxing the November 2019 Wizarding World Crate by LootCrate here in March, 2020!

Holy Harry Potter Magic Man!

That's right, this service has fallen so far behind that we are getting fall and winter boxes here in the Springtime. We may be lucky to be receiving them at all! It's up to you to give the video a watch and let us know if our Wizarding World fandom is clouded too heavily and tell us whether or not we should cast this service aside.

Double Double, Toil & Unbox

Two boxes in one month--could this be a sign that LootCrate is getting their act together? Is it possible that we'll soon be caught up on our Wizarding World Crate? an our Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter appetites be sated?

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