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Wizarding World -- Suspending Our Service -- 1 YEAR LATE!

1 YEAR! Loot Crate and Wizarding World owe Lady Laci ONE YEAR of boxes and they certainly have NOT been late in taking her money, thus she's SUSPENDED her service! That's right Nerdlings, this faithful fan of Hogwarts and all things magical who has been part of this from the very start has had enough and has suspended her service until they get caught up. Until--and if--that happens, we'll continue opening the boxes that DO trickle in starting with this one; who knows what the theme is, they stopped that trend long ago. This is supposed to be January 2022's box BTW. Let's see if all the houses of Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Griffindor can come together and rekindle the magic they've snuffed out of this loyal and devoted fan.

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