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Xbox Series X Handheld Mode Coming In 2021

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

The Xbox Series X will be entering the world of handheld gaming in 2021. Finally bringing a new challenge to the Nintendo Switch in the world of portable gaming.

Project xCloud

Project xCloud is Microsoft's first entry in the world of portable gaming. Introduced as a streaming service. Project xCloud is as much a handheld gaming service as a streaming service. As we wait for the official Project xCloud release date there are already a lot of things we know about Project xCloud. One of the newest pieces of Project xCloud news is that the servers will be updated from Xbox One S servers to Xbox Series X servers. Introducing xCloud Series X will have a huge impact on the service. Firstly the stability of the service will be greatly increased hopefully bring Project xCloud lag down significantly.

Xbox Series X Portable

But what is more interesting for me is that this will introduce Xbox Series X handheld mode. Essentially allowing us to take our Xbox Series X gaming experience anywhere we want. This is a very welcome introduction from Microsoft and one which seems to confirm their direction towards Xbox as a service. It also shows the potential direction of the future of portable gaming and handheld devices. Could we see a future where we can play Xbox Series X games on a Nintendo Switch? Or maybe we start to see dedicated streaming handheld devices from Microsoft and Sony. As someone who loves portable gaming I'm very excited and would love to know your thoughts.

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