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Xbox Series X vs PlayStation 5 - What Is Going On?

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

What Are Microsoft And Sony Playing At?!

PS5 Xbox Series X News

The Inside Xbox Gameplay Reveal occurred last month and the reaction was overall underwhelmed. Which has me thinking why was the inside Xbox reaction so underwhelming? And why is the overall PR for Sony PS5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X not all that great?

Xbox Series X

Microsoft started the next gen race blazing with the Xbox Series X reveal at the video game awards. No one saw it coming and it was a great stealth reveal. They followed up with some impressive news with Xbox Smart Delivery and Xbox backwards compatibility.

PlayStation 5

Sony on the other hand has started off very slow. We're still waiting to see what the Sony PlayStation 5 console looks like and the Sony PlayStation 5 reveal was more like a university lecture than a next generation console reveal. Since then they have shown off the PS5 Dualsense controller, which I absolutely love!

Next Generation Graphics

However Sony and Microsoft are the pros at next generation console reveals. So why on earth is it so underwhelming this time round. Well I have a couple of ideas...

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