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YouTuber of the Month 2019 Blooper Reel -- Outtakes -- Behind the Scenes

What's up Nerdlings! Sure, we've already passed the reigns on to Gaming Off the Grid who are doing an incredible job of hosting YouTuber of the Month for 2020, but we had some spare footage lying around to share with you. First and foremost, YouTuber of the Month is a community driven platform to help smaller channels get some additional exposure. Cast a vote for the channel you want to win each month and said winner will select 5 nominees for you to check out and the process repeats.

100% Professionals

We adored our time as hosts where we were introduced to some amazing channels and met some incredible creators. But we're not professionals, not by a long shot. This video proves that even something as recyclable and consistent as introducing winners and nominees may not be so easy to do on a monthly basis. We flubbed lines, we forgot lines, we cracked one another up. Enjoy our outtakes and bloopers and rejoice that the pros are now hosting!

Behind the Scenes?

That's right! Beyond just bloopers and outtakes for YouTuber of the Month you get to see a few behind the scenes moments. You can see us rant about flea markets, or show the sleeping pets--that is when they're not playing on set. Or even the video suggestion for a collab and best of all an unused sketch that had its own share of outtakes!

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