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YouTuber of the Month--December 2019

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Ask any YouTuber who's spent some time creating content for the platform and chances are that one of their favorite things about YouTube itself is the community. The people you meet and friends you make are what make the YouTube community worth returning to time and time again. What makes a community stronger is support!

It's A Tradition!

YouTuber of the Month is a long-standing community driven tradition that began back in 2011 and has cycled through the years with a variety of hosts. It has been our honor to host for 2019 and carry the torch from such incredible content creators like Russ Lyman, Onaretrotip and many more. YouTuber of the Month is a way for smaller channels to gain some extra exposure in the retro gaming community. The rules are simple--under 3K subs, be gaming related, and have an on-screen presence.

You, the Viewer Decide!

Each month brings a new YouTuber of the Month winner. It is their duty to select 5 nominees that meet the aforementioned criteria, and then it's up to the viewers to vote. The nominees are free to share and encouraged to get the word out and the viewers are given until the end of the month to check out all 5 channels and select who they want to win. This process continues until the end of the year and at that point, all monthly winners for YouTuber of the Month are then given the option of running for YouTuber of the Year and hosting the next year!

So go--check out some new channels, share and help get the word out about amazing YouTube content creators, and vote for your favorite!

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